Monday, 9 March 2015

Ryan use your wits

At pt england school you use your introduction and your use you words. walk away and ignore you don't stand there if they push you should  walk. away  from them and forget and forgive them and  you should never stand. walk away and ignore don't listen to he or she you should ignore it. and you should  talk about it you should talk about it with him or her or call. them and tell them not to do that and this because they shall continue. sow tell them i shall forgive them.

Walk away. walk away from bullies and  strangers and   because they buli and give  talk bad words to us   and lift you up and kick you.

Ignore it. ignore it means if you friend says menes words  to you ignore it.

Talk about it. talk about it forgive them if say bad  words  to you.

Seek help. seek help means if you  go talk to a teacher or friend  

We use our wits to safety and  responsible.

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